Getting your outdoor swimming pool safely through the winter is easy, but it needs to be done diligently to ensure your swimming pool will last you for decades.

The winter poses two challenges for swimming pools. Freezing temperatures mean water freezes and expands and, because the pumping and filtration system do not run during the winter, maintaining the right pH value and chemical balance require different treatment products and some planning ahead.

We will either help you and supply you with all necessary swimming pool supplies to get your swimming pool through the winter or, if you prefer, we will do the entire winterization of your swimming pool for you as part of our full service maintenance package.

The winterization of swimming pools involves a few steps. First the swimming pool water is dosed with a stronger set of chemicals that will protect the water proofing for the months to come along with slow releasing chemicals added to the remaining swimming pool water.

Next the swimming pool is drained, but only partially. Fully draining your swimming pool for the winter, contrary to what many people believe, is a bad idea. Aside from safety considerations – you would have a pretty big, deep hole in your garden – it is also not good for the swimming pool itself. Maintaining your swimming pool mostly filled protects the grouting, tiles and the entire swimming pool structure from sudden, harsh temperature changes that would otherwise damage the water proofing, cause cracks and dislodge tiles. Also keeping the swimming pool partially filled, means that the pH value and chemical balance can be maintained through the winter.

As a third step we add winter floaters to the swimming pools. As the water surface of the pool freezes in the winter, it will expand. The winter floaters are soft, partially submersed floating devices, which are there to absorb the pressure of the expanding ice. Without these floaters the ice would exert tremendous pressure on the swimming pool structure itself. At best this would damage tiles, at worst it could cause cracks in the concrete shell. This is why this third step is absolutely crucial to getting your swimming pool through the winter in good shape.

Lastly, once the swimming pool is properly dosed, partially drained and equipped with floaters, we will drain the piping and filtration system of water to protect it from freezing.

Once your swimming pool is properly winterized, all you need to do is wait for the next season to enjoy it again.

During those cold winter months, we would – a bit selfishly – suggest that one of our saunas or steam baths could keep you nicely warm and smooth over the wait.

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