At the beginning is your idea. We work with you to design and realize the swimming pool that you want and that matches your needs.

Where is the best place for your pool, what shape, size and depth fit best? Do you want a natural looking pool? Do you imagine a waterfall or jets? How do you want your pool to look at night? All of these and many more questions go into your swimming pool design.

Although many companies are happy to just ‘throw’ their standard 5 x 10m or 4 x 8m offer at you, a swimming pool, the way we envisage it, is not an off-the-shelve product that you just pick up from whoever offers you the best discount.

We have a library full of design and concepts for great swimming pools and pool landscapes. We will work through these with you to work out the details of your vision and maybe even inspire you further. Together we will go over our whole catalog of sample materials so you cannot just find the design that looks right but also the one that feels right.

We will spend time with you in our design studio to find the answers to those questions in the beginning and to many more questions. For example: Do you mostly see children using the pool? Great, let’s figure out the right depth and slope of your pool floor as well as a good non-slip, maybe soft decking. Do you want to use your pool in the summer only or also in the shoulder seasons? Let’s have a look at heating systems and pool covers to make sure you get a few extra months of use out of your outdoor pool every year. Are you a passionate swimmer and you want to be able to swim proper laps? Let’s find the right pool design and make sure we have a pool length that easily multiplies into 25, 50 and 100 meters. Also, have a look at counter-flow systems, aka ‘swimming machines’.

We will also come out to your property to work out together how we do not just deliver you a swimming pool but how we make your swimming pool part of the landscape that you imagine.

Do you want to get started on your own swimming pool or you are just looking for some inspiration and a first discussion? Get in touch and arrange to stop by our design studio.