We deliver a turnkey, or rather ready to dive in, service to you. That means from the moment you have accepted our offer and we have finished the design with you, you have nothing to worry about. From the first day of construction work to the day when you are ready to jump in for the first time, we will take care of everything.

We will handle the entire process from the delivery of materials, through excavation and rough construction, wiring and piping, insulation and tiling, to finishing and filling. We will also take care of the initial water treatment for you, so that by the end, you are ready to enjoy your pool. We take care to keep our construction sites tidy and to minimize interruptions for you. Lastly we work fast and diligently to deliver your pool to you on-time and on-quality, the way you imagined it.

Crucially, before work starts on your swimming pool, we will analyze the soil and the water table at your property. This is a crucial step. The acidity of your soil determines what type of concrete and insulations we will have to use and the level of the water table determines how much concrete and steel reinforcements we need to use. Skipping these two steps can result in a concrete construction that erodes and develops leaks or even in the ground water pushing your pool upwards during the winter when it is emptied.

Equally, while we work to deliver your pool to you in the shortest time possible, we never compromise on the quality. For example, after the completion of the concrete shell, we will calculate the required curing time needed for the shell to become fully waterproof. This time depends on average and minimum temperatures as well as humidity levels. Skipping this step often means leaks and cracks that will spoil your pool enjoyment for years.

We deliver quality. That’s why we give you a 10 year warranty.