Good swimming pool maintenance is the key to ensuring that can enjoy your swimming pool for many decades.

The single most crucial aspect in swimming pool maintenance is water treatment. We will help you and provide you with all necessary swimming pool supplies to constantly keep the pH value and chemical balance of your pool in the right, safe range. This not only means that you get to enjoy a pristine looking swimming pool but it also ensures that your swimming pool stays waterproof for decades.

For the grouting, screen, hydro insulation and concrete shell of your swimming pool to remain water proof the pH value and chemical balance of the swimming pool need to remain in a certain range. Otherwise the swimming pool water can, over time, penetrate the water proofing. We will work with you to ensure this and this is how we can guarantee you the water proofing of your swimming pool for the next 10 years.

Aside from this routine maintenance, which you can carry out yourself with swimming pool supplies provided by us, we also recommend a bi-annual thorough maintenance check. We suggest that you have all systems checked and tested and the swimming pool probed for leaks at the beginning of each season. At the end of each season we recommend to repeat this maintenance check as part of your swimming pool’s winterization.

When we design and build a swimming pool for you, we will review the maintenance procedures with you. If you already have a swimming pool and you need help, are looking for supplies for swimming pools or want us to take over the maintenance, let us know.