We guarantee the water proofing and structural integrity of our swimming pools for 10 years. But not everyone else does the same…

We have a decade of experience in swimming pool repairs, restorations and improvements. From small repairs to complete overhauls we cover the entire range of repair and restoration works.

You are in need of a repair? You need a new pump or filter installed? Let us know. We will fit you in our schedule and have you up and running again in no time.

You are in bigger trouble? Your pool is leaking water but you do not know from where? Tiles continue falling off? We will find the reason for your troubles and fix it.

You want to upgrade or improve your swimming pool? You want to add lighting or switch to LED lighting? You want a swimming machine or massage jets installed? We can get that done for you.

Or are you in need of a complete overhaul of your pool? Whether it is because of swimming pool damages or because it is time for a revamped design, we will work with you the same way we work on new swimming pool designs. We will determine what parts of your existing swimming pool we can still use. In most cases, for example, we can, with a few repairs and improvements still use your old concrete shell. And then we develop the vision of your new swimming pool together.

For a few ‘before and after’ examples from repair work we have carried out, have a look in our gallery.