Just as with swimming pools, the process starts with your ideas, wishes and needs. Together we will have a look at steam bath design ideas and concepts and we will figure out the answers to key questions, like: how many of you will be using the steam bath at the same time? Do you want to be sitting or also lying in the steam bath? Do you want to have a lighting, an audio or an aroma system integrated in your steam bath design? Do you want to have a shower included inside your steam bath or in the entrance to the steam room?

We will go over these and many more questions with you. We will review sample of great steam bath designs we have built in the past as well as beautiful concepts from around the world. With steam bath design the choice of tiles and the ergonomics of the seats, benches and chaise lounges is crucial, because you will not just be looking at these. You will be sitting on, touching and feeling your steam bath design. For this reason we will spend a lot of time to go over sample materials to find the one that feels right for you.

We will also come to have a look at your house or hotel to see the available space and integrate the steam bath design smoothly with your existing facilities. We will also look at technical details such as water and electrical supply, drainage, insulation and ventilation.

For some inspiration, check out our gallery or come visit us in our design studio and try our own steam bath.