We can fit a beautiful steam bath into almost anywhere. If you have at least two square meters of space, we can work something out. For the steam bath construction, all we need is an empty space. We will create walls, seating and even beautifully carved and curved ceilings from scratch as we build a shell within your existing space.

The look and feel of a steam bath hinge on the quality of tile work. Simply put: ‘the devil is in the detail’. Steam baths look beautiful, interesting and sensually stimulating when they have free flowing, well blended, curved forms. Knowing how to work tile these free flowing shapes in a smooth, uniform manner is what sets our steam bath construction apart. Steam baths require the detailed attention of a master tiler. Where a swimming pool has dozens of square meters of flat, even surfaces, most of our steam baths do not have a single square meter that does not include a curve, a pattern, a corner or some other element that requires skill, attention and patience to make it look perfect.

We invite you to come and have a look at sample seats and design elements in our design studio. And while you’re here, why not have a look at and try out our own steam bath.