Steam baths are a great retreat from the hassles of the day. Whether in your own steam bath at home or in a steam bath that is part of a hotel or spa facility, you get to sit back, warm up and relax. Steam baths have been around since the Roman times and they carry with them a touch of ancient tranquility, which we hope to deliver to your home or hotel.

Steam baths are a great place to unwind, have your senses tingled and let your body cleanse itself. Many of our clients like to have steam bath in addition to a sauna as a milder, lower temperature addition to their spa landscape.

Steam baths are also beautiful pieces of architectural artwork. We pride ourselves in our ability to transform any piece of space, the corner of a room, a walk-in wardrobe, a closet or any other room into a little gem inside your home or spa center. We have transformed one of the storage rooms in our office into our own steam bath, come and check it out. Also, have a look at our gallery.