When you think of a sauna design, what do you imagine? Chances are you not only visualize a sauna design but you are also imagining the way it smells. Do you imagine the scent of a pine forest? Birch trees? Freshly cut wood?

Matching a sauna design to your vision and imagination is not just about getting the look right and making it blend in with your home or facilities, it is also about getting it to smell and feel the way you imagine. In this sense, sauna design is a bit like hunting for that perfect new perfume for the winter.

This is why, even if you are buying a pre-fabricated sauna, we invite you to come visit us and literally sniff your way through our library of sample woods.

We want to make sure that your sauna design has the feel and scent that you imagined. To make sure we get this right, we often include several different types of wood in a single sauna design. That is because not every wood that smells great is also a great wood to sit on. For example, you certainly do not want to have a great smelling wood that drips resin as your sauna bench or ceiling.

Aside from choosing the right wood, we will have a look at a few other aspects. Like for example: how you want to use the sauna? How many different levels of benches are right for you? Do you prefer to sit or lie flat? Do you prefer a closed sauna design or do you want a window to the outside or a glass wall? Do you usually enjoy your sauna dry, or do you like to use a lot of water and steam?

Lastly we will look at the lighting concept for your sauna to make sure the lighting matches the mood you want to feel when using your sauna. Want to get started? Get in touch and come over.