Out of our whole product range, sauna construction is the fastest and easiest. From the moment we have pinned down all design details with you, we can often have your sauna construction within a week or two.

Just like steam baths, we can use almost any spare space, a bathroom, a storage room, your attic or even a Harry Potter like closet under the stairs and convert it into a little winter retreat for you.

The first steps are always to create an insulating layer for your new sauna. This is to make sure the heat stays inside the sauna. After sorting out the ventilation and power supply, our carpenters then get to work to set the paneling and build your made-to-measure – unless you opted for a ready-built model – sauna.

Finally, the heater and accessories like thermometer, hygrometer and timer are installed. For heaters, aside from typical electrical heaters with stone cover, we can also offer you wood and coal heaters. These more traditional heaters can be an interesting option for sauna construction in countryside villas or outdoors where you are likely to heat using a fireplace in the winter. If what you are looking for is a traditional Russian Banya or Finnish outdoor sauna construction, then this is what we would recommend. Unless, of course, you prefer the convenience of just flicking the switch on an electrical heater.