Almost every day begins and ends with a visit to your bathroom. We are here to make this a little luxurious highlight of every day.

We will work with you to make sure that your bathroom design is not just a collection of installations. We make sure it is more than just a tub, a shower and a basin thrown into a room. Together we can turn your bathroom into a small spa landscape of its own.

Our mission is to make sure you get to enjoy your bathroom design as much as possible. For this, we tailor the design to your personal preferences and habits. For example, are you more of a shower person or do you prefer to take long baths? We will make sure that whichever you prefer becomes the anchor of your bathroom. If you are not much of a bath person, maybe we skip on the bath tub altogether and instead go for a large rain forest shower. And, for couples another, slightly personal question is: do you often shower or bathe together? If so, great, we’ll make sure that your tub is large enough for two and that there is enough space in the shower. Maybe we can even have two shower heads.

And then we go over the details with you. Do you prefer to have your towels heated in the winter? Do fogged up mirrors bug you? We’ve got you covered. Do you want to play music or the radio in the bathroom? What about a different lighting concept for when you’re taking bath – candles aside?

Whether you want to upgrade your existing bathroom design or you are building a new home, we will help you transform your bathroom design so that it puts a smile on your face at the beginning and end of every day.