Boutique Swimming Pools and Spa – BSPools & Spa for short – has over 10 years of experience in designing, building, restoring and maintaining beautiful swimming pools, handcrafted steam baths and great saunas.

Since the founding of BSpools in 2001 our team has realized the dreams of hundreds of proud and happy pool, steam bath and sauna owners throughout Bulgaria and South-East Europe.

We pride ourselves in being different from the other companies in our market. At BSPools, we are passionate about what we do and you, our client, are the center of what we do. We are not in the business of selling you a standardized, profit maximizing, off-the shelve pool, pre-boxed sauna or standard three seater steam bath. We are in the business of turning what you imagine, your dream pool, steam bath or sauna into a reality that you can plunge into, that you can touch, feel and smell.

When you decide to invest in a swimming pool, a steam bath or a sauna, you decide to invest in yourself. You decide to pamper yourself with the added comfort and relaxation that your pool will bring to you and your guests on a hot summer day. You invest in that extra charge of energy from a hot sauna evening at the end of a cold winter day. You invest in the blissful tranquility of time spent enveloped in a soothing steam bath.

Our mission, at BSPools,  is to make sure that your investment in yourself pays off for you. We work with you. Together we will develop your vision and we will push your imagination to get you the perfect design for you.

We add a little luxury to your every day.