Dropped your phone in the pool? Here is how to save it.


Almost half of all phone accidents involve water. 29 % of broken phones are the result of spilling liquids over a phone and 20 % result from phones being dropped into water. The leader among ‘dropped into water’, by the way, are not swimming pools but toilets. Go figure…

But let’s get to business. A phone has been dropped into the pool. What should you do?

Here is short summary from a great WikiHow article.


Step 1 is rather obvious, get the phone out of the water.

Step 2: take it apart as much as possible. Take off the case and cover, take out the SIM card and memory card and if possible take out the battery. If your battery is built in, at least turn off the phone.

Step 3: dry everything as well as you can with towel, paper towel or anything else really.

Step 4: if the phone has been under water for more than a few seconds, consider hold a vacuum cleaner over all the openings (speaker, microphone, earphone plug, keyboard) for up to 20 minutes to suck out as much moisture from inside the phone. But be careful to keep a bit of distance to the phone so you don’t damage the speaker and other things.

Step 5: let it dry. Be patient, put your phone somewhere it can dry. In the sun on a towel for example.

Step 6: wait, be patient, then wait some more.

Step 7: after you have waited for a good long while, 4 to 24 hours they suggest, put your phone back together and give it a try.

Step 8: if it does not work, try turning it on without the battery, using the charger. If that works, get a new battery. If not…

Step 9: time for the service center, your insurance or a new phone.

Oh and lastly, check back next month. We will have a ‘water proof phone promotion’ coming up.

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